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For private investors and institutional clients seeking to build wealth, Real Estate Advisors delivers bankable experience.
For private investors, institutional clients, and others seeking to maximize return on commercial real estate investments, Real Estate Advisors offers decades of experience achieving the investment goals of our clients.

Real Estate Advisors provides an array of real estate investment services to our clients. We'll lead you through the complex search phase, analyzing each alternative against your investment objectives.
Our insider's knowledge of market conditions, including the most highly motivated sellers, ensures your investment will be a smart one.  With a sharp focus on the Twin Cities metropolitan area, no other brokerage offers a greater degree of bankable expertise.   Find out how Real Estate Advisors can help you reach your commercial real estate investment goals.

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Customer Quote - Northwest Power
Accommodate the Apache Group's growth over a period of years by navigating several complex commercial real estate transactions.

Real Estate Advisors delivered the expertise to conduct a series of 1031 exchanges over the course of 15 years, putting the Apache Group in the right facility for their needs at the time, while saving the owners capital gains as they sold their buildings and purchased new facilities.

Having started the journey with 20,000 square feet, today the Apache Group continues to thrive in their current facility of over 100,000 square feet in Arden Hills, Minnesota.