Tenant/buyer representation

Let Real Estate Advisors give you the advantage of leasing, purchasing or renewing an existing lease from a position of strength. 
Far too often, organizations looking to lease, purchase or even renew an existing lease lack specialized knowledge of market conditions, weakening their position at the negotiating table.  

With Real Estate Advisors representing you, you'll not only have access to the complete inventory of available properties, you'll be armed with specialized knowledge of highly motivated sellers, the terms of recently closed transactions, sublease options and other opportunities not publicly known.

You'll benefit from our day-to-day knowledge of market conditions as we negotiate and achieve the best possible overall deal for your new location.
Real Estate Advisors takes the process several steps beyond price by conducting an in depth analysis of other critical issues including property management, the reputation of the landlords, each property's maintenance history and other potential trouble areas.

Our service does not end when you successfully sign a lease or purchase agreement. We continue to provide assistance as you encounter ongoing needs such as expansions, contractions and other evolving real estate needs.

To find out how we can assist you with your requirements, contact us today.


"I am thoroughly convinced of the value and importance of tenant advisory service. The below market rent, the $30,000 moving allowance, and the protective lease clause you helped us secure far exceeded our expectations."